Dec 13 2007

Tin Man

I suppose I kind of have to write an entry about this, given my love of the story and sort of obsession with Wicked. Plus – Wizard of Oz goes sci fi? Sweet!

For those of you who may not know, Tin Man was a sci-fi original series taking a look at the story of Dorothy and the world of OZ (or as it’s known on the show – the O.Z. Outer Zone).

hrm. Trying to write this without spoilers…

The show was really interesting to me from the very beginning. We all know what happens – a tornado comes along and sweeps Dorothy and her house into the land of OZ. But this being a sci fi movie, the tornado couldn’t be JUST a tornado, right? No, it’s a time rift caused by an evil princess.

And the story just goes from there. The scarecrow is missing a brain, but it’s because someone sucked it out of his head. The cowardly lion sure is cowardly, but he also has an amazing psychic gift. The Tin Man, well, I’ll leave that one for folks to discover on the actual show.

The first two hours are definately better than the last one, which is filled with a ton of exposition as they explain everything that you’ve been watching for the last five hours. Understanding what has truly been going on is good, and it’s certainly hard to write interesting exposition scenes, but the show really does slow down because of it.

And, for those who don’t like Wicked (book or musical), have no fear. This is nothing like Wicked. Wicked starts before Dorothy arives in Oz, and ends right around when she leaves. Tin Man takes place at a different time, and is very much science fiction. I haven’t quite grasped my mind around whether or not they could exist in the same universe.

Wicked doesn’t mess with canon, which, honestly, was part of what it made it so amazing. It’s like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead – as far as you know, what you are watching truly did happen in the background. You just never saw it as part of the original movie (or play, in the case of Hamlet).

I think this does mess with the story a bit (I don’t quite get how certain characters would fit in), and I need to hunt for whatever blogger somewhere did an analysis. Cuz you just know SOMEONE did.

All in all, I really recommend watching this. It may have taken me a few days to get through it all, but it was well worth it.

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