Oct 05 2011

Thank You Steve Jobs

Boing Boing 10/5/11

I feel like I should be writing something hugely prolific and deep, but I kinda like what I wrote on twitter a little earlier tonight…

I originally started typing out how I wrote my first program in basic on an Apple ][c, how I never could have imagined what was about to grow out what I was looking at on that little computer, how mind blowing it is for me at times to think that without computers the vast majority of my world, and at the very least, my job wouldn’t exist.

Although I hate quoting myself, what I said on Twitter really explains how I feel about Steve Jobs very well. While I couldn’t imagine my life without my iPod, and would miss my iPad if it disappeared tomorrow, it’s the expansion of my world that I love Steve Jobs for. So for that…

Thank you Steve for giving me a career that didn’t exist when I was a kid.


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