Jul 08 2008

Shiny Happy Blogging

I have a horrible tendency to only write blog entries when I have something to complain about. I was always that way with my diary as a kid as well, if I was writing in the diary, something was VERY wrong.

So, in an attempt to break that habit, here’s a few random happy fun things:

– I’ve seen tons and tons of people get pulled over for talking on their cellphones without a headset, which is entertaining. It’s always the people on the phone who drive the worst.

– I drove past the Hills (MTV) crew filming a certain blonde on my way to work this morning, which made me think about another blonde I knew that I hadn’t talked to in a few weeks. Two hours later, that person IM’d me.

– I finished watching John Adams, and it was fantastic. I spent a few years living in Mt Vernon (Virginia) when I was a kid, and from then on loooved the colonial period. My perspective on it was always very skewed towards virginia, though, all George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and stuff. I knew very little about John Adams by comparison, so the movie covered a lot of new ground for me. Really interesting.

– The Doctor Who season finale was fantabulous. I need to write up a whole big Dr Who rant, but I’m gonna save that until after the finale airs in the US.

– I recently learned to play Blackjack counting cards. It’s really cool, and I’m getting pretty decent at it!

– I will be at two conferences coming up – BlogHer ’08 next weekend, and Casual Connect the week after. I’m on a panel at Casual Connect, and reading an entry from this blog at BlogHer.

– I think my cat just locked himself in my bathroom. He’s done that far too many times now, you think he’d learn. (ok, maybe that’s not “happy” per se, but entertaining nontheless) The other cat is inside my bookcase, staring out at me from behind a pane of glass. Dunno why she loves it so much in there.

And on that note, I’m off to rescue the cat. Or just taunt him from the other side of the door. I haven’t decided which yet.

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