May 04 2007

How to waste time at an airport.

1) drink. two is more than enough, the idea is NOT to get drunk, just to make the wait more enjoyable. then do the following….

2) befriend random people and take some sick satisfaction that they’re stuck there longer than you. you also get great stories about how stupid ppl. don’t tell them they’re idiots, of course, encourage them to talk and entertain you.

3) window shop. You won’t find anything worth buying (well, I got the new tom clancy-lite book), but mainly just laugh at the crap for sale. seriously, who is gonna buy a brass statue of liberty in LA?

4) wander. lax is a big airport and worth exploring a bit. going from terminal to terminal is fine….the more you walk, the better you’ll be sitting still on the plane for six hrs.

5) people watch. guess where people are going…then see if you’re right. along those lines…

6) check out the different ppl at different gates. ex: folks going to tokyo vs those going to oklahoma. silly, but interesting.

7) read trashy magazines. books are for extended reading time…the plane….junk mags are for wasting time.

8) catch up on podcasts. just try not to look too stupid laughing at diggnation…remember, you’ve been drinking, but you are NOT DRUNK. no acting like a dufus.

9) write a long rambly lj entry.

and most important..

10) don’t get to your gate until just before boarding. don’t be that person who hovers….you’re all getting on the plane anyway, who cares if you’re the first person on in seating one. not to mention, its fun walking by all of the idiots hovering and getting right on the plane.

…and now I have wasted two hours, heard some good stories, met some fun ppl, and am boarding in 45 mins. not bad, right?

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