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Apr 14 2009

The Killer Next Door

I’m finding all this stuff about Sandra Cantu’s killer very sad, of course, but I’m also really fascinated by the fact that this is a woman.

One of my favorite classes in college was Criminology, and like oh so many college courses, we had a large term paper to do as a final project. We had to present an original concept, with research to back it up. I wrote my paper on female serial killers, with a theory that the only reason the statistics were so low on women and murder was because people didn’t look for them.

Where did that come from? Well, statistics for female serial killers dropped dramatically in the late 70’s – right at the exact same time the FBI began heavy profiling. The generic serial killer profile is a white male, 30-50, middle class, etc. Nearly every investigation into a serial killer at the FBI begins with that standard profile. Meaning…they don’t look for women.

I don’t have the paper anymore, so unfortunately, I can’t give sources for any data. I used a lot of FBI/CIA documents (publicly available stuff, obviously), books on profiling, and lots of articles/interviews of serial killers.

My paper caused quite an outrage in my class (me? causing trouble? never!). My professor thought my theory was “plausible, but could never be proved,” but over half the class insisted it was impossible. They didn’t have data, there is none, but “women don’t do things like that.”

But of course they do. We have multiple instances in our history of women being just as nasty and evil as men, and yet, we expect women to be “better.” I keep hearing the quote “why would one woman kill another woman’s child.” People don’t say “why would one man kill another man’s child.” Women kill their own children, they murder, they’ve even raped before…raped both boys and girls. And because we all think the way we do, it genuinely HURTS to find out a woman did something like this.

I’m as guilty of it as anyone. Intellectually – I know full well that women can be as evil as men, obviously, I was pushing the theory over ten years ago. Emotionally – I was as horrified as everyone else to find out that Sandra Cantu’s killer, and possible rapist, was a woman. There is an expectation that women should be better, which makes absolutely no logical sense.

I still feel the same as I did back when I wrote the paper. Profiling is really great, and very helpful in solving criminal investigations, but it is dangerous when an entire segment of society is excluded for no good reason. I believe the statistics are flawed, and that there really is a correlation between the rise in white male serial killers and FBI profiliers looking for them.

To get back to Sandra Cantu (which is what inspired this blabbering), police stumbled into Melissa Huckaby as a suspect. They knew of her and had interviewed her; she told police that the suitcase Sandra Cantu was found in had been “stolen from her driveway.” But she did not become the focus of an investigation until she had done two more interviews with conflicting information (if I remember right, it was a CNN interview that was the nail in her coffin). I can’t believe that had a man said he owned the suitcase the girl was found in that he wouldn’t have been – at the very least – dragged down to police headquarters.

With all that said, kudos to the Tracy police for figuring this out. Women slip under the radar in things like this, and even though it took CNN to help “break” this for them, at least they were open minded enough to consider the possibility. Women are fully capable of evil things, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s going to be watching the criminologists and psychologists that are bound to start coming out to talk about this topic.

Why is it that while we push for gender equality everywhere, we still dodge the possibility that women could be just as evil as men? Equality is equality, after all. Women killing people on the front lines of a war? Absolutely! Women killing people…for no reason? Absolutely not. How on earth does that make sense, and why do I feel that way? I dislike logic that comes from emotion. I want facts, figures, proof. The data says we’re just as bad. But I simply can’t believe it.

Can you?

Nov 14 2008

Hello from southwest 8721!

I am currently on a plane to sf writing on my iPhone with it in airplane mode. I hadnt intended to knock out the day’s blog entry on the plane , but I do need the keyboard practice. Plus, I can’t find the videos I put on here. Dunno why. I had Atlantis to watch, dangit.

I gotta admit, I love the phone. I hadn’t expected to, but it truly is a little mini laptop, and is nicely serving as a netbook type thing for me. I’m also obsessed with apps (I knew that was gonna happen), and having fun seeing just how far I can push this thing. I even finally put leopard on my mbp,I had to for the google contacts support.

I also went back to food – orange juice to start. And dear lord am I happy to have it. I have never, ever been that weak or hungry in my life. Of course, I still would like to do this again for longer, but wow, nuts. I kinda get the feeling it’ll be a few days before I’m back to normal, right now, despite being full, I’m staaarving.

Would I recommend someone do this? Wellll, I would never, ever suggest it. It is crazy and drastic and very much starvation. But, if someone was already thinking about it, could physically do it (as in, doctor said ok) and wanted my opinion? Go for it. It is an experience like nothing else.

Nov 13 2008

Master cleanse final day

I am typing this update from my iPhone, as I installed leopard on my mac and am currently doing a buncha stuff to get it seeing my iPhone again. Must sync!

Gotta admit, it isn’t bad having computer problems to distract me, it keeps my mind off being hungry. Which I am. Very.

This will be it, and I’m pretty farm excited to have made it. It’s been nuts, but I am glad I did this. Well, more like I’ll be glad I did this once I have a full tummy.

Almost there!!

Nov 12 2008

Day three and still going strong…

…although I could eat this chair I’m sitting on. Seriously. My stomach feels a billion times better, and unfortunately me feeling better means that I’m clear to get hungry. And I’m staaaarving.
I’m also remarkably clutzy, and dropping things left and right. I am noticably weaker, and wouldn’t dare try to work out (I went on my exercise bike for about five minutes last night and nearly fell down when I tried to stand up after.). My arms just feel weak, and my fingers aren’t holding onto things the way they’re supposed to.

My headache’s dropped to a dull throb (still there, but totally bearable), and I’m pretty much used to this slightly airy-lightheaded thing. My tongue has turned a funny shade of orange/yellow, which is weird, but apparently to be expected…there’s actually an entire article on what happens to your tongue during this on associated content. Useless article, but apparently this subject is searched on enough to justify an article as link bait.

With all that said, I have a surprising amount of energy. In spite of the headache and feeling physically weak, mentally I am completely clear and wide awake. I understand now why most religions include some sort of fast, I can only imagine what I’d feel right now if I was a bit more of a spiritual person. Neat.
Unfortunately (I truly am sad about this fact), I will be going off of this a day earlier than planned. I completely brain farted about the fact that I’m going to SF this weekend and can’t really do a liquid diet while flying. I would need to bring a lot more liquid than I’m allowed, ya know.

So tomorrow will be my last day on this…this time around, anyway. I suspect I’ll be doing this again, it’s fun in a strange, masochistic, “I’m turning myself into a science experiment” kind of way. But not for a while. :)


Nov 11 2008

Master Cleanse, Day Two!

I made it to day two!! I’m proud of me. :) I am drinking caffeine (diet coke, primarily), but have not eaten anything since Sunday night.

Much to my surprise, I’m really not hungry. I had been very hungry around 7pm yesterday, but I truly did stuff myself silly with the lemonade mixture, and hit a point where I couldn’t drink it anymore. I was pretty surprised that I couldn’t finish it, I didn’t expect to be that full.

Physically, my stomach hasn’t been in great shape, I was popping a lot of tums yesterday, and am pretty nauseous at the moment. I used less of the cayenne when making my batch this morning, and that’s made it a bit more tolerable. I think the pepper has a lot to do with preventing me from feeling hungry, so I do need to keep it in there.

I am down two pounds, but it’s important to remember that this is not a diet to lose weight (although it is fairly commonly used as a crash diet). They say that people may keep half of the weight lost off. It may also all come back. This diet is to clean out your system, and theoretically, heal stomach problems. We shall see if it works on that, I will be amazed and very excited if it does.

The weirdest part so far has been my reaction last night. I was very, very out of it, which is why I didn’t post a blog entry – I couldn’t type very well. I was extremely lightheaded and dizzy, and got a horrible headache that hasn’t gone away (which is why I haven’t stopped the caffeine). I was pretty much worthless to the world from 6pm on. I’m not so lightheaded/dizzy now, although I am a little, hrm, how to describe. Slightly airheaded? I trust myself behind the wheel of a car (I wouldn’t have driven last night), but wouldn’t try advanced calculus right now.

So on that note, I’m going to post this now, just in case I hit a wall again tonight (which is exactly what I felt like last night). More on this wacky diet thing later!

Nov 10 2008

Master Cleanse, Day One. Am I nuts?

…probably. But I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and figure I might as well try now.

Why? Well, for weight loss, sure, but also because it claims to heal stomach problems. I don’t have ulcers now (although I did about 10 years ago), but my tummy has never fully recovered. I pop pepcid like candy on top of taking nexium AND tums, and that just can’t be healthy. I’ve tried other diets that claim to fix tummy problems with absolutely no success, why not try this one.

And why now? I am going to Canyon Ranch (spa) in two weeks thanks to my mom giving me the trip as an awesome bday present, and just generally feel physically icky. I’d like to feel nice and healthy by the time I’m in that kind of “work out, be healthy” environment, and dealing with my tummy would go a long way towards that.

It, of course, doesn’t hurt that this is November, and I need to write a blog post a day (yah, I missed yesterday. Oops.). This will easily keep me going for a few days. :)

For those who don’t know, master cleanse is a liquid diet where you drink 2 liters of a lemon juice/cayenne pepper/maple syrup mixture a day (14 tbl lemon, 14 tbl maple syrup, 1/2 tsp pepper, water). The mixture tastes okay, the description of “lemon gatorade with a kick” isn’t far off (mind you, I haven’t had gatorade in longer than I can remember, but from what I do remember, this is what it tasted like). It most certainly tastes a lot better than some other things I’ve had to eat on diets.

Today’s day one. I’m going to try to do five days – Monday through Friday. I’ve done crash diets before, so I’m thinking this may not be tooooooo bad, but I suspect I’m in for a few rough days.

I have to admit up front, I’m not doing this by the book. I am going to keep drinking diet coke, coffee and tea, although I will switch to decaf as much as possible. I know it sounds really weird, and very contrary to what doctors say, but the only drink I can tolerate in large amounts is diet coke. It has to be that exact brand, too, Diet Coke, not Coke Zero, not Diet Pepsi. I can tolerate coffee, tea (nothing sweetened or the fruity types), and water, but I will inevitably feel sick. I quite literally cannot drink anything else, and believe me, I’ve tried.

I’m using lemon juice, not lemons, since despite the ramblings on the internet, sugar is not added to lemon juice, or at least, not the lemon juice I bought, and I’m not about to juice 20+ lemons a day. Sorry, but no. Going through a bottle of lemon juice a day is crazy enough.

I also accidently bought the wrong maple syrup, I have organic grade A dark amber, whereas I’m supposed to use grade B. According to wikipedia, the difference is in taste and color, not content, so I’m not so worried about that, although if I still may pick up the right grade tomorrow.

I was conservative with the pepper, I put in a little under the recommended 1/2 tsp per 2 liter. I do hear that the longer the mixture sits, the stronger the pepper gets, which I can understand…the pepper doesn’t dissolve when this stuff is initially mixed. It baffles me how something that swears to cure stomach problems contains two ingredients that we’re taught to run from like the plague, pepper and lemons. I don’t taste the pepper toooo much, but it does leave my mouth/tongue feeling spicy, which I hate, and can’t seem to get rid of (have tried caffeine-free diet coke and water). I may just leave the pepper out tomorrow, or at least, drastically reduce the amount.

So far on day one I’m not hungry, not tired, just…fine. Okay. I’ll check in later tonight, when I suspect I may not be feeling so okay. Will see, though, this could be very interesting.

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