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Jan 31 2009

#ShesGeeky Afternoon

I really can’t compare this conference to any other I’ve ever been to. The session topics are all over the map, some are similar to those you’d find at something like web 2.0, some are completely different.

The first afternoon session I attended was on identity and privacy online, I’m guessing pulled together after yesterday’s fantastic session. Some of the people here are the same as those in yesterday’s session, but a lot of them are different, with very different perspectives.

One of the big questions we keep coming up against is whether or not it is a good idea to maintain two online personalities, one public, one private. Some women here very much do, I personally think it’s impossible. For those that do maintain the second identity, how do you live behind it when so much you do is attached to your name or personal information?

The second, and final afternoon session was mine, on “how to launch a product.” I have had a lot of good (and pretty bad) experiences with product launches, so this was pretty much me just recounting all the things to remember when launching a product, and all the things that can go wrong.

Notes from both the sessions I gave will be online at – the ones from yesterday are there, the ones from today still need to be written by me (teehe – to do tomorrow).

This was a really fun conference, and a great two days.

Signing off from she’s geeky – proud geek, Stephanie BamBam

Jan 22 2009

Conferences, Parties and Babies, Oh My!

I always kinda figured that when I moved to San Francisco I’d have a whole bunch of geeky stuff to do, and sure enough, I definitely do. Call me geeky butterfly!

This is the stuff I’m currently planning on going to in the near future:

1/28, Wednesday – Women 2.0 January Mixer/Book Swap
1/29, Thursday – Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner
1/30 – 31, Friday/Saturday – She’s Geeky unconference (my first unconference!)
2/5, Thursday – MySpace Dev Jam (I LOVE that I’m “just” an attendee at these now)

2/5 is also the first birthday of the MySpace Developer Platform and my niece Alice’s first birthday. Big day!

If you’re going to any of these, let me know!

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