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Apr 20 2009

A Proposition for California

One of my coworkers wrote this, and it’s too funny (and well-written) not to share. Anyone can propose pretty much anything in California, so here’s one for the next ballot.

It is basically a Proposition to redo the Proposition process, and creates the “Office of the Initiative Editor,” who will be responsible for proofreading Propositions, among other, very necessary things.

The underlined text below is what’s new, the rest is already in effect.

It’s not a short read, but it is fun. Thanks to Daniel for sharing this!!

Be it ordained by the people of the City and County of San Francisco:

Section 1. The Charter of the City and County of San Francisco is hereby amended by amending Section 14.101 and adding Section 14.105 to read as follows:


An initiative may be proposed by presenting to the Director of Elections a petition containing the initiative and signed by voters in a number equal to at least five percent of the votes cast for all candidates for mayor in the last preceding general municipal election for Mayor. Such initiative shall be submitted to the voters by the Director of Elections upon certification of the sufficiency of the petition’s signatures and approval by the Initiative Editor as specified by Section 14.105.

A vote on such initiative shall occur at the next general municipal or statewide election occurring at any time after 90 days from the date of the certificate of sufficiency executed by the Director of Elections and the date of certification of approval by the Initiative Editor (whichever is later), unless the Board of Supervisors directs that the initiative be voted upon at a special municipal election.

If the petition containing the initiative is signed by voters in a number equal to at least ten percent of the votes cast for all candidates for Mayor in the last preceding general municipal election for Mayor, is approved by the Initiative Editor, and contains a request that the initiative be submitted forthwith to voters at a special municipal election, the Director of Elections shall promptly call such a special municipal election on the initiative. Such election shall be held not less than 105 nor more than 120 days from the date of its calling unless it is within 105 days of a general municipal or statewide election, in which event the initiative shall be submitted at such general municipal or statewide election.

No initiative or declaration of policy approved by the voters shall be subject to veto, or to amendment or repeal except by the voters, unless such initiative or declaration of policy shall otherwise provide.


(a) The Office of the Initiative Editor shall ensure that all initiatives submitted to voters by the people adhere to the following criteria:

1. The initiative is free of errors in spelling and grammar.

2. All provisions intended to be non-binding are clearly indicated as such, and all provisions not so indicated are enforceable by a court.

3. No provision clearly contradicts the law of the State of California or the law of the United States of America, nor does any provision clearly contradict the Charter of the City and County of San Francisco unless ordaining an amendment to the same.

(b) The Mayor shall appoint or reappoint an Initiative Editor, subject to confirmation by the Board of Supervisors, who shall perform and manage the functions of the Office of the Initiative Editor. The appointee shall be a member in good standing of the California Bar Association. The Initiative Editor shall have a term of office of two years, and may be removed by the Mayor subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors.

(c) Upon submission of an initiative to the Director of Elections, the Office of the Initiative Editor shall determine whether the initiative adheres to the criteria laid out in subsection (a) of this section, and, in consultation with the proponent, make the minimum set of changes to the language of the initative reasonably necessary to bring it into adherence. Upon determination that an initiative complies with the criteria of subsection (a), the Initiative Editor shall certify his or her approval of the initiative. The Initiative Editor shall not refuse to approve an initiative on any grounds other than those laid out in subsection (a), narrowly construed.

(d) The Office of the Initiative Editor shall consult with the proponent on matters of style, clarity, and good legislative practice, but the Initiative Editor shall not refuse to approve an initiative on such grounds.

(e) If after 60 days from an initiative’s submission to the Director of Elections the proponent and the Office of the Initiative Editor cannot reach an agreement on the language of the initiative, and the proponent petitions the Municipal Court for a writ of mandamus ordering that the Initiative Editor certify his or her approval of the initiative, then the court shall presume in the petitioner’s favor, and shall find otherwise only upon a standard of summary judgment.

(f) The Department of Elections shall provide sufficient staff and resources for the Office of the Initiative Editor to perform the functions defined in this Section.

(g) In the event that the position of Initiative Editor remains vacant for 30 days or more while an initiative is pending approval or certification thereof, approval shall be deemed certified.

Section 2. The Municipal Elections Code of the City and County of San Francisco is hereby amended by amending Section 820 and 840 to read as follows:


At the time a proponent files a notice of intention to circulate an initiative petition, the proponent shall pay a petition filing fee of $200.00 $750.00 pursuant to Section 320 of this Code.


Each signature submitted in lieu of a fee that is specified in this Article shall reduce the amount of the fee by $0.50, but in no case shall the petition filing fee specified by Section 820 be reduced to less than $250.00.

Section 3. Sections 820 and 840 of the Municipal Elections Code, as amended by Section 2 of this initiative, may be repealed or amended by the Board of Supervisors without a vote of the people.

If you managed to read through this whole thing, I’m totally impressed. Now, tell me, what do you think the chances are of us getting this onto the ballot?

Jul 25 2007

Still a New Yorker…

Tom just told me that I clearly have not adjusted to LA yet. Why? Because I have a widget on my desktop showing me the weather. Who needs weather updates in LA – it’s always the same!

I like my weather, but yeah, I suppose I don’t need it anymore.

May 30 2007

Got my car!

The car relocation folks met me at the rental place at LAX bright and early this morning, and delivered my car to me, pretty much in exactly the same condition as the last time I saw it. Well, except for tooons of dirt and stuff it got going across the country. Must get car washed soon.

Giving up the rental meant giving up the GPS, so of course, I immediately got lost trying to go from LAX to work. I suspect I’ll be doing a lot of that until I get a hang of the geography. All worked out ok, though, I just kept driving…and driving…and driving until I found a familiar street name. I turned, and ten minutes later was back on familiar ground.

I should probably just spend some time this weekend roaming around LA – I did that when I was here on my house hunting trip, but I did it with the GPS. I don’t seem to pay too much attention to where I’m going when I’m using that – I don’t need to. But when I get lost, that’s when I REALLY learn my way around.

My car’s here, my stuff will be here Friday, and by Saturday, I’ll be fully moved in…a resident of Los Angeles.

It’s just so weird. I’m living in LA!

May 29 2007

Moving day…

Here I am in my empty apartment, listening to everything echo (including the sound of me typing) and waiting for my movers to show up. I’m trying not to get nervous – I have the elevator booked between 1 and 5 (it’s 1 now) and I haven’t heard from them since last Friday when we arranged all of this.

And obviously I’m online, using a network called “default” that I’m hoping is my complex’s wireless. It’s a really nice, really fast connection, so…maybe? I HATE hijacking other people’s wireless connections, and certainly see a lot of other open networks, but “default” just sounds like a stupid name that a public connection would have….right?

But all’s good, or will be – I’d forgotten exactly how big and bright this apartment was until I came by yesterday – I really do love it. Very much feeling the love for my apartment (and for the adium duckie bouncing up and down…so cute). Also feeling the love for the hot boys I keep spotting here, including one absolutely drop dead gorgeous (and very nice) guy on my floor. Not my type, but still, I can recognize gorgeous when I see it, and I have more than a few friends (male and female) who would die if they saw this guy. Eyecandy in the building is always nice, though, no complaints about that.

Assuming my movers ever show up (calm down, calm down), by 5pm I’ll be all moved in. Tomorrow, at some point, I get my car, and then I’m all set….I’ll really be living here in LA.

It’s weird, of all the places in the world, I NEVER thought I’d end up here. In fact, I used to swear that I wouldn’t – I think “anywhere but Los Angeles” was a regular phrase of mine. Of course, I also swore that I’d never leave New York, and look at how much I’ve stuck to that. Northern California, Northern Virginia, and now Los Angeles. I guess it just goes to show that you never really know what hand you’re gonna be dealt in life. You can do what you can to move things in one way or another, but I truly believe in fate…and fate brought me here.

Who knows what will come after this – that’s thinking too far ahead for me. This was unexpected, Virginia was unexpected, Northern Cali was unbelievably unexpected….whatever happens next will happen. For now, I’m here, and not really looking past this. I have a job to do, and a new city to explore, and I will enjoy myself doing both.

May 06 2007

Home Sweet Home

Or at least, this will be home for two more weeks. I’m wiped out, to say the least, but actually signing a lease in LA and having an address I’m moving to helps my anxiety level a lot. Going into the office kind of both helped and made me more stressed out, but I think that was to be expected.

I was taking pictures of all of the apartments I saw (otherwise they all really start to run together) and uploaded the pics of the place I’m moving into. Here’s the view from my living room:


If you’re interested in seeing more, the whole gallery’s over at Flickr.

And now I’m off to be a lump on my couch for a while. :)

May 04 2007

How to waste time at an airport.

1) drink. two is more than enough, the idea is NOT to get drunk, just to make the wait more enjoyable. then do the following….

2) befriend random people and take some sick satisfaction that they’re stuck there longer than you. you also get great stories about how stupid ppl. don’t tell them they’re idiots, of course, encourage them to talk and entertain you.

3) window shop. You won’t find anything worth buying (well, I got the new tom clancy-lite book), but mainly just laugh at the crap for sale. seriously, who is gonna buy a brass statue of liberty in LA?

4) wander. lax is a big airport and worth exploring a bit. going from terminal to terminal is fine….the more you walk, the better you’ll be sitting still on the plane for six hrs.

5) people watch. guess where people are going…then see if you’re right. along those lines…

6) check out the different ppl at different gates. ex: folks going to tokyo vs those going to oklahoma. silly, but interesting.

7) read trashy magazines. books are for extended reading time…the plane….junk mags are for wasting time.

8) catch up on podcasts. just try not to look too stupid laughing at diggnation…remember, you’ve been drinking, but you are NOT DRUNK. no acting like a dufus.

9) write a long rambly lj entry.

and most important..

10) don’t get to your gate until just before boarding. don’t be that person who hovers….you’re all getting on the plane anyway, who cares if you’re the first person on in seating one. not to mention, its fun walking by all of the idiots hovering and getting right on the plane.

…and now I have wasted two hours, heard some good stories, met some fun ppl, and am boarding in 45 mins. not bad, right?

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May 02 2007

Tired, but…yay!

I always feel stupid for being sooooo tired after doing nothing but walking around apartments (or being driven around complexes) all day. but I am, damn exhausted, and this stupid ‘sleep number bed’ doesn’t help. evil evil thing….i did not appreciate the face plant I took in the middle of the night trying to get out of this thing.

anyway! good news is, I’m about 99 percent sure that I found a place. great location, beautiful gated community with trees, running/blading paths (i get to use my rollerblades again!), wireless everywhere, pool, and so on. tons of stuff. I have my camera with me, and while I can stick the card in here to upload, I think you all may kill me if I embed a pic that big. :) pics this weekend.

the apt is nice and roomy, and verrry sunny, huge windows in every room. really, the only question to be answered friday is ‘what do I want my view to be of,’ the hills, downtown, etc. oh, and two wall a/c units or central.

I am going to see one more place tomorrow that’s run by the same company that runs where I live now, but that’s formality more than anything. I hate that company, but I get let off easy for breaking my lease if I move there. worth seeing then, right?

so other than my one appt tomorrow I’m gonna be free to play :) I have some folks to call, then I tink I may escape to the beach. best part of being in ca…proximity to the water. I loooooove the ocean :) and shopping, maybe. need la clothes!

now to find my right ‘number’ and actually try to sleep on this thing….

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Apr 17 2007

Now it’s real.

Tomorrow’s my last day at work. I’m all booked for an apartment hunting trip out to LA, and the movers have been scheduled. The rest is waiting until I have an actual address, which I hope to have soon.

This is all very, very real now…I’m moving to LA. I’m starting to get more excited over the idea of living there. At least I’m remotely familiar with the area already, which already puts me ahead of where I was when I moved to Northern Cali or here. And the more I talk to people about what it’s actually like, the more I think once I get out there and dig down into the neighborhoods and stuff I’ll be ok. I’m looking more and more at living in Marina del Rey – living by the beach would be sweet, and it’s more affordable than anywhere else. I just need to drive around, see what my commute time would be, that kind of stuff.

On another note – the pet food recall’s been expanded. Again. I really don’t think Henry’s food had anything to do with what happened, but I think I am always going to find the timing a bit suspect (she went into acute renal failure right as the recall was announced) and won’t be at all surprised if her food ends up on the list eventually. Everyone with a pet needs to be really careful about what food they chose, you can’t be too safe.

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